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Why you need Silica Sand to Install your Fake Turf

Silica Sand on Fake Turf

Why you need Silica Sand to Install Artificial Turf.

Is it your first time attempting to install Artificial Turf yourself? Make sure you have Silica Sand.

Not regular sand. Silica Sand!

It is a synthetic grass sand specifically designed to be an artificial grass infill. It is washed three times and kiln dried.

Silica Sand will help your grass look more natural and plush for years to come. It will help the fibres perk up in a variety of directions to emulate the look of real grass.

Particularly if the kids are out playing on it, there is no need to stress about your fake turf flattening over time. The grass blades will stay erect, and the surface plush.

Silica Sand Grass infill is the perfect grain size and weight to sit between the plastic fibres and keep your turf installation down pat. The extra weight will stop it from lifting and moving around, preventing the need for future repairs. You will also find the sand will not blow out of the grass, even if you use a leaf blower. They won’t stick to the sole of your shoes in case you’re worried about bringing grit and dirt in and around the home. We all know how muddy footprints and paw prints feel.

Your kids definitely won’t notice it, while crawling around the fresh synthetic lawn.

Now if you’re thinking, you can probably get away with using soil instead of silica sand.

It’s fine and heavy as well right?


Your grass will become a breeding ground for weeds. It will absorb water, and you’re wondering why the grass is always damp and muddy? Because the water isn’t draining. Silica Sand doesn’t absorb water, so your lawn will drain perfectly and dry quickly.

The soil will also draw more unnecessary heat and UV to your grass. This will make your grass hot and the colour fade quicker.

Other key benefits you need to note is it’s ability to protect the turf, so no wrinkles or folds develop over time. It will blunt sharp blades and pet claws.

In addition, it will reduce the temperature of the grass. Like all plastics sitting out in the sun, it can get hot real fast. Luckily our turf range have SMART cool technology, and silica sand will take the temperature right down! It will stay cool to the touch. It will also prevent the turf from expanding due to the heat which can cause unsightly ripples.

Finally, the grass infill will build fire resistance. It will give you that peace of mind when you have family and friends over for a BBQ that your grass won’t catch on fire.

You will need a power broom to brush the sand in, please don’t pour it on and hope for the best! There will be a messy gritty pile on the grass blades. Depending on the thickness of your grass, on average you will need 1 bag per 3 sqm. You don’t want to cheap out on this, as this will greatly affect the final appearance.

You are welcomed to contact us, for advice about how much sand you need!

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