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Why use Smiling Rock Melbourne products

Artificial grass new

Artificial Grass

Our Artificial Grass emulate the look & feel of natural grass, combined with a cooling technology that allows your turf to stay cool during the summer. It is guaranteed to last 7 years, if maintained properly can last up to 25 years.

Why Choose Smiling Rock’s Artificial Grass?

Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibres made to emulate the look & feel of natural grass. Over the years, the adoption of artificial grass has drastically increased due to a variety of reasons. Ranging from its effectiveness in cost to its environmental benefits, below are the top reasons for switching to artificial turf:

Aesthetic appeal
With a range of approximately 8 types of artificial lawn, we at Smiling Rock aspire to provide our customers with synthetic turf so real, it is difficult to tell the difference when compared with REAL lawn.

Environmentally friendly, safe for children & pets
Aside from attaining an aesthetic look, we focus heavily on product quality. Unlike natural lawn that may require fertilisers and weed killing chemicals, which contributes to pollutants in the ecosystem, we offer our customers certified proof concerning our lead and chemical free artificial grass. Thus making Smiling Rock’s artificial turf safe for pets, children and the environment. With proper care, our artificial grass has a service life of up to 25 years. Families with kids and dogs can now run around and play on the lawn any time of the day without having to worry about muddy feet or paws!

Cool technology & UV protection
Our artificial lawn has a variety of applications ranging from residential landscape gardens, playgrounds, road verges, to schools and pet areas etc. Furthermore, all of Smiling Rock’s synthetic turf are non-fading with a 7-year UV protection. Each grass type possesses both straight and curly yarns that prevent it from getting hotter in summer, while the brown ‘bits’ contributes to its realism. Among the biggest concerns for artificial turf is the heat during summer because it is made out of plastic. That’s why Smiling Rock’s turf come with SMART COOL TECHNOLOGY, that allows the turf to naturally cool itself by evaporating heat. For extra caution, you can lightly hose down your artificial lawn prior to stepping out.

Water conservation & cost effectiveness
Natural grass requires constant watering, which can be very expensive and time consuming. Did you know that just 1 square metre of real lawn takes an average of 1,500L of watering a year? That’s 45,000L of water EVERY year just for a standard home (approx. 30sqm lawn)! Say good-bye to forking out large sums of money for water bills, lawn mowers, fertilizers and/or cost to hire a gardener to look after your lawn for you. With Smiling Rock’s artificial Lawn installed, you can save on water bills and invest in time for you and your family.

Easy installation & maintenance

Here are a few tools you will need.

– Stanley knife
– Cracker dust/ Blue metal dust
– White sand
– Measuring tape
– Joint tapes (Optional)
– Artificial grass pegs
– Power broom/ broom
– Shovel

Click here to view our maintenance guide.

Stone paving icon

Stone Paving

Smiling Rock Stone Paving are all made from natural stone that is far superior to their synthetic man-made counterparts. We stock a beautiful range of natural paving options from limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine to granite.

Why use Smiling Rock Stone Paving?

Stone Paving should be a necessary design piece for everyone’s home project, using pieces such as limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine and/or granite. There are multiple reasons to utilise natural stone pavers that go beyond its aesthetic appeal; they are durable, easy to maintain and incredibly versatile. Natural stone are safe to be used anywhere, adding a timeless value and beauty that will suit a variety of landscaping needs. They are the superior choice in comparison with concrete, standard paving bricks and/or man-made synthetic stone. Below are 5 key reasons to use natural stone paving.

✔ Versatility

Whatever your project requires and wherever your inspiration guides you, pavers provide versatility in material, functionality, and design. They come in sorts of colours, shapes, sizes and thickness. One major aspect in every household project is the driveway; homeowners can do better than the average concrete slab or poured asphalt model. Project examples: Patios, pools, walkways, and pavilions. Paving shape ideas: Interlocking, basket weave, rectangular, oblong, and square..

✔ High output, low maintenance

Natural stone paving will still require some simple maintenance. Simple requirements like sealing the stone (depending on stone type) and regular sweeping and washing off debris or spillage are recommended to ensure your pavers will stay durable and strong for years to come. This is the same for any concrete paving or poured liquid limestone.

✔ Aesthetic appeal

Stone Pavers adds value to your home and emphasises the uniqueness of an individual’s character. It adds a personal touch and textural variety to your beautiful and functional home. One of the benefits of natural stone pavers is its limitless colours ranging from chocolate brown, creamy brown and rusty grey to snow white, turquoise green, chestnut red and much much more. There’s no better feeling than walking out to your outdoor living feeling like you’ve just walked into paradise, with a garden step path to your beautiful backyard.

✔ Endless design possibilities

Using natural products with varying shapes, sizes and textures allows you to be creative and have the freedom to design however you please. There are endless design possibilities with natural stone pavers. There’s no set plans or ideas as there’s no end to how many design and patterns an individual can create. To get your own ideas started, or for some inspiration

✔ Strong and durable

Natural Stone Pavers can tolerate high-traffic, any weather conditions and it is three times stronger than man made concrete. They move in unison with the earth’s movement unlike poured liquid limestone or washed aggregate, therefore mitigating the chances of any cracking and/or damages from occurring.

Timer laminate icon

Laminate Flooring

Smiling Rock Timber Laminate floating floors can provide you with stylish, yet cost-effective solution for your home. They encompass three core layers that make it highly durable, ultra-realistic and water resistant.

Why Choose Smiling Rock Laminate Floors?

Timber laminate flooring is a multi-layered synthetic flooring product integrated together through a lamination process, simulating wood with an exceptionally realistic photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. With a wide range of timber designs and textures to select from, Smiling Rock’s timber laminate floating floors can provide you with a stylish, yet cost-effective solution for your home.

Smiling Rock’s timber laminate floating floors encompasses three core layers:

1) A highly durable, see-through overlay that safeguards the timber laminate floating floors against potential damages, e.g., scrapes and scratches derived from furniture being moved and unwanted stains from chemical contaminations.
2) An ultra-realistic printed design layer depicting real wood, developed through high-quality industrial printing procedures & coated with melamine resin.
3) An exceedingly sturdy and top-grade water-resistant HDF core board.
Advantages of Using Timber Laminate Floating Floors

✔ Ease in installation & maintenance

Use of laminate flooring has grown substantially over the years, mainly due to its simple installation methods that produces an ultra-realistic result comparable to traditional hardwood flooring. Furthermore, laminate flooring outshines other alternative flooring materials given that it is highly cost-effective, easy-to-clean, and does not fade in colour.

✔ Diverse range of designs

Colour schemes are remarkably powerful, and can bring wonderful effects to your home. Be it warm, cool or neutral colours, selecting the optimal laminate flooring design that best fits your home will be a breeze here at Smiling Rock, with our diverse range of timber laminate floating floors on offer.

✔ Quality & durability

Possessing an Australian Standard Certification (ASC) patent, Smiling Rock’s European-designed timber laminate floating floors are constructed from natural HDF wood, with an AC3 Hardness Rating for exceptional durability. With an oil matte finish for a natural look and feel, all of Smiling Rock’s laminate floorings are incorporated with German technology consisting of a Valinge Drop Locking System, a ‘v’ groove on all 4 sides to offer a realistic timber plank feel, as well as professionally waxed to reduce water absorption and subsequent damages.

✔ Providing you peace & quiet

When installed with Smiling Rock’s quality acoustic underlay, our timber laminate floating floors will provide you with the peace and quiet every homeowner expects and deserves. Our acoustic underlay offers greater sound insulation and better shock absorbing properties, thus making walking on your floating floors more comfortable. Furthermore, appropriate underlay can level out minor unevenness in the sub-floor and provide protection against rising dampness.

Hybrid floors icon

Hybrid Floors

Smiling Rock Hybrid Flooring as the name suggests is a hybrid between laminate and vinyl plank flooring. Smiling Rock Hybrid Floors are durable and waterproof, using the latest innovation in the flooring industry.

Why choose Smiling Rock Hybrid Floors?

Hybrid Flooring as the name suggests is a hybrid between laminate and vinyl plank flooring. The flooring is durable and waterproof and uses the latest innovation in the flooring industry. It can be installed in the entire home from bathroom to the kitchen.

✔ Waterproof

Hybrid Floors are super easy to clean, due to it’s waterproof nature. No additional wax or polish is required. You can easily wipe away wet areas without fear of staining or moulding. You have a lot of options on where you can install them because they are suitable for wet areas. You don’t have to worry about damages from leakages and spills.

✔ Design

Hybrid floors are so versatile and durable, you can create a seamless design, particularly with open plan living by installing hybrid floors across all areas (including wet areas). They are even suited for high traffic areas. They come in various colours suited to every style home.

✔ Resistant to temperatures

Timber floors have a tendency to expand and contract in extreme weather conditions, but that is not the case with Hybrid Floors. This hi-tech floorboard is designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climates with Trigon Core Technology minimising its level of expansion and contraction.

✔ Sound absorbing

Smiling Rock Hybrid Floors come pre installed with an underlay to save you time and money. It reduces noise and vibration from footsteps while providing your feet with underfoot comfort. You will also benefit from the thermal insulation, the underlay regulating temperature in the household.