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Go Eco Friendly with Natural Stone

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Go Eco Friendly with Natural Stone Features.

Are you searching for sustainable alternatives to enhance your everyday living.

If you are an eco-conscious buyer looking to improve the appearance of your home, Smiling Rock’s stone wall features are an ideal choice. We consider the desire for both a beautiful home and a healthier planet. Smiling Rock products are made from all natural stone and possess its own unique set of textures and tones. The beauty of our product comes through hundreds of years of geological change and mineral composition.

Our products are sourced worldwide and carefully handcrafted by professionals. You will find using all natural stone will greatly reduce your carbon footprint whilst enhancing the aesthetic of a landscape. Without the use of carbon inducing products such as cement or synthetic materials, our natural stone walls are friendly to the earth using materials sourced from the earth itself.

Natural Stone Feature

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Our robust stone products are highly durable, an important factor to environmental friendliness. Stack Stone structures have been used all throughout history in varying forms and can last as long as 200 years with minimal care. The product will not need to be replaced (unless they are broken) because of how beautifully they age. This is important because you will not create a endless cycle of waste and production of new resources.

Natural stone can be easily recycled to eliminate the usage of energy, water and additional resource consumption. They can be turned into paving materials, exterior facades and retaining walls. You will find our drystone, ledgestone and stack stone provide a lower environmental impact and greenhouse emissions as they can be built with minimal maintenance.



Smiling Rock ledgestone and stack stone is essentially an organic product that will not emit dangerous substances nor welcome them within a household. They contain no harmful chemicals an important choice when considering sustainable designs. Our stone features are water and weatherproof so they require little to no maintenance. You can skip the use of commercial cleaners that will increase pollution and plastic waste.

Rock Quarry

Quarried Sustainably

Technology has gone a long way, including the way Smiling Rock stones’ are quarried for cladding manufacture. We choose suppliers that have improved their methods of quarrying, extraction and fabrication. This reduces the costs of our stack stone and its carbon footprint by the efficiency of their manufacture process, adoption of sustainable design and green practice. Our manufacturers conserve their resources, prevent pollution and minimize their waste

The aesthetic of stone features is seemingly undying, a classic décor that is unaffected by changing trends. If you are wishing to reduce your carbon footprint, go natural. Enhance the beauty of your home guilt free with sustainable design alternatives. Although these small changes seem minor, every footprint counts.

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