Are all Laminate Floorboards Created Equal?

Deciding which floorboards

What’s the difference between Laminate Floorboards: Understanding Flooring Classifications & Wear Rating

There are so many types of laminate flooring on the market ranging from xx to xx per m2, retailers all promising you it’s the best of the best.

So how do you really go about picking one that suits your needs and your budget.

Easy, they are classified into different AC Rating from AC1 to AC5 that shows the quality and performance of the material.

Laminate floorboards are synthetic flooring that consist of multiple layers engineered for the purpose of difference settings and use. They use varying forms of plastic that will produce different quality floorboards.

Top Coat – a wear layer which protects the floorboard from scratches, stains, fading and other signs of damage. Higher wear ratings are more costly to manufacture but will extend the life of your floor.

Middle Layer – The image print layer that will give the floorboard its aesthetic and appearance. They can come in varying quality and resolutions.

Core Layer – The foundation of the floorboard that provide it’s structure, thickness and durability. This layer will determine the flooring’s water and dent resistance.

Laminate Flooring Design

They undergo a series of tests that involves the floor boards being burned, scratched, stained and under stress. They also look at the impact of furniture legs and the swelling along flooring edges.

If you find retailers that can’t offer you a rating or classification, it is possible that it has failed the tests and not achieved a minimum score to receive an Abrasion Class (AC) Rating. Make sure to check!

AC1 – Moderate Residential,

Light Residential use, suitable for closets or bedrooms

AC2 – General Residential, 60% More Wear Resistance

Moderate Residential use, suitable for dining rooms or living rooms

AC3 – Heavy Residential/Moderate Commercial, 120% More Wear Resistance

High-Traffic Domestic usage or very light traffic offices and hotel rooms.

AC4 – General Commercial, 180% More Wear Resistance

Heavy Traffic Commercial Spaces, suitable for cafes and boutiques

AC5 – Heavy Commercial, 240% More Wear Resistance

Intense Commercial Space suitable for department stores, restaurants and schools

Retail Laminate Floorboards

It is important to avoid future headaches and make the investment that will stand up to the test of time and wear. It is no joke to replace flooring. You will have to flip your entire home upside down and it’ll be costlier in the long run.

All of Smiling Rock’s Laminate Flooring are AC5, the best possible rating on the market with 240% more wear resistance than AC1 types. We want longevity in our floors and for our customers. They are European designed with crisp and clean prints that will stand up to the heaviest of foot traffic and impact. On top of this, our ability to source direct has allowed us to supply our floorboards at extremely low prices. 

How are Smiling Rock AC5 Laminate Flooring prices so cheap?

As you can see from its’ rating, it doesn’t mean our product is low quality, it simply means we’ve cut out the middle man and retail inflation.

You can achieve the pristine look and durability of commercial spaces directly in your home so you don’t have to think twice about the kids running around, pet’s nails or when you pull the chair out. We’ve kept it as close as we can to manufacturer cost so we can continue to make luxury living affordable to everyday Australians.

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