Beauty of Timber or Wood; Practicality of Tiles

Wood-look tiles are the material that combines the practicality of ceramics and the visual warmth of wood. Wooden floors in many cultures are luxury that many adhere to.

What’s good about wood look tiles? 

Funnily enough, is that they look like wood. No surprise here! So, if you are after the elegant appearance of your house but have certain practical goals, that’s the way to go. Smiling Rock offers that opportunity.

One of the main advantages of tiles is and has always been their complete and absolute water resistance. Hence, they are the most common material to be installed in the bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, laundries or, in other words, any places that do or might imply water usage.  

Wood Tiles Bunnings

However, while one might find it sufficient, the other, and there are many of those amongst you, I know, who would want to or has always dreamt of the wooden floors in the kitchen or maybe even in the bathroom. 

Wood tiles bathroom

Unfortunately, the proper timber floors like laminate etc. tend to suffer from puffing once exposure to water and humidity becomes frequent. 

This is there the wood look tiles come for help.    

Wood-look tiles are waterproof

This means that the spilled coffee won’t leave stains and the humid environment will not affect the appearance of your floors. You can install them around your pool making the looks warmer and richer, and they will serve you much longer than, say, real wood would. 

Wood Tiles Outdoor

This brings us to the second point, which is the easiness of cleaning. Tiles are notorious for being quick and easy to clean. They don’t require any special equipment or washing liquids and can be wiped with water and soap. 

Another advantage of tiling is that they much more durable and harder to scratch. However, make sure that you choose the tiles with right rating. 

There are the following grades for tiles:

PEI 1 – light duty wear. Good for bathrooms and bedrooms in private houses, using soft footwear.
PEI 2 – light duty wear. These tiles are suited for bedrooms and bathrooms in private houses, using normal footwear.
PEI 3 – medium – heavy duty wear. Will survive heavy traffic at dining rooms, living areas, kitchens, entrances, passages in residential dwellings, using normal footwear.

PEI 4 –heavy wear. Are perfect for living areas in residential dwellings, public buildings, and retail applications, using normal footwear.
PEI 5 –heavy-duty wear. You can use it in heavy traffic areas (commercial areas), using normal footwear.

All our timber tiles are no less than PEI3, which means you can use them in high traffic areas and not be worried they will end up being scratched in a couple of months.

Smiling Rock is offering a range of wood or timber tiles to make your house cosier. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our page on Facebook and Instagram for more jobs.

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