Trendy Recycled Wood/Timber Designs


Trendy Recycled Wood/Timber Designs

We’ve talked a bunch about modern, stylish and luxe home designs all the time. Today I’ve got a special post for all my budget conscious, tree-loving and dumpster diving (admit it, we’ve all done it before) readers out there.

We’re talking trendy recycled wood/timber designs.

There are so many creative and unusual ways we can recycle timber and pallets. They can be dressed up or down. The beautiful raw nature of the wood can go with absolutely anything and recreate a rustic feel with all their unique grains. Here are some cool examples of furniture, storage boxes, doors, bench cladding to get you inspired.

Recycled Timber Wood Storage Box Unit

Your DIY project can be finished with different colour paints, stains and glazes for a different finish unique to your personality and preference in home/landscape design. For instance, your timber can be dark, glossy, bright… the options are endless for your house.

To add to the versatility, you have the choice to sand it down to look silky smooth. Try sanding your timber if you plan on being in contact with the material. Since you’re touching it regularly, or sitting on it, you’ll want to avoid nasty splinters and scratches.

If you prefer the more organic feel of timber, you can do that too! For example the non-sanded or semi-sanded wood design can work great for display areas or bases for outdoor furniture.

The most important thing when working with recycled wood, is to keep the balance and harmony of your space in mind. Recycled timber are definitely statement pieces because of it’s raw textures and form. So its good to balance out the surroundings with simple décor and textures. Contrast the roughness of the wood with soft surfaces like plush pillows to make it more homey and inviting.

Depending on the project, you will need to pick the right wood. We suggest to not use soft pine if you will be storing a lot of weight on it. Another thing to consider, is to make sure the pine is safely treated. They can harvest termites and toxins. Choosing the right pallets can be difficult, but hopefully this guide here can make it easier for you.

Finally, for all the small café owners that really want to make a statement with their interior design on a budget. Recycle Wood designs are perfect, they are unique, and when stylised correctly can really make you stand out from the competitors.

You can have your smashed avo in cafes that look like Ikea catalogues. Or you can have it in a rustic warehouse nicely furnished with pot plants and sexy baristas with round glasses.

No hate on Ikea, but we all know where all the millennials are going!

Now if you love the look, and don’t have the time or worried about harvesting termite and toxins. We’ve done the hard work for you. You can get these beautiful rustic timber wall cladding that will create that impact your looking for! In other words they are sanded, glazed and completely safe for your family. The sizing is also customisable to suit your needs.

So let’s make the sustainable choice. Lets go recycled.

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