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How to look after your Stack Stone Water Feature

Stack Stone Feature

How to look after your stack stone water feature

Outdoor fountains and water features need to be regularly cleaned. It’s what will make and break your garden.

No one wants nasty brown water, and if you happen to have fish swimming in there, shame on you!

Luckily, the stone features themselves generally look beautiful all year round with little to no maintenance and cleaning.

If you find your stack stones are getting a little dull, it’s very easy to bring it back to life with items you have lying around at home.

Seal the stone to give it that extra layer of protection. This will make it more resistant against the weather, moisture, stains and protect the lustre. Use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub it down with a mix of mild detergent and water. Please avoid acid based cleaners, these can be incredibly damaging.

In relation to the water and the pumps, then a little more care is needed.

Here are 6 easy steps to get your fountain looking new again:
  1. Use a water treatment once a week to rid of algae and mineral depositions from the inside of the fountain
  2. Add fresh water to your fountain everyday, of course do not overfill and check your fountain level.
  3. Regularly clean the fountain pump from debris to maintain it’s performance and functionality
  4. Replace all of the water in your water feature once a month to keep it from smelling sour
  5. Never use foreign chemicals inside the water, as they may damage the pump or affect the clarity of your stones
  6. Use special pond filters to catch dirt, leaves, branches etc

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