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Balcony Design Ideas for Apartment Living

Balcony Fake Grass Design

Balcony Ideas for Apartment Living.

Apartment living doesn’t have to boring. You can still have a green garden to gaze at from your kitchen window.

I would be standing in the middle of the Melbourne City, peering up at skyscrapers and it’s just grey industrial wasted space. It makes me sad to think there is so much ample space that goes un utilized and not touched. Having a well designed apartment is one thing, but don’t you feel like something is missing when you forget the balcony.

Its’ like having an ice cream without toppings, its good but it can be better.

Here are few key tips to maximise your balcony space and make your neighbour green with envy.

Play with different colours, patterns and textures. Add some life to your space by mixing and matching different items, furnishings and décor.

Just remember it is an outdoor space that will be affected by rain and the temperamental Melbourne weather, so pick and choose items that will be weatherproof.

We’d love to recommend fluffy rugs, blankets and pillows but that just isn’t practical. Instead settle for sealed timbers, bamboo, plastics, metal, and outdoor appropriate mats etc

We also love plants here at Smiling Rock and so should you. It adds a beautiful touch of nature and is pleasing to look at all year round. Provided that you look after them of course. Like with anything living, it needs some lovin’ too.  If you’re lazy, there are many other low maintenance plants out there, succulents, grass trees, daisies…maybe you should consider that.

However, the best and easiest option to take your balcony from boring to a green sanctuary is… fake grass my friend!

Have a beautiful green meadow to look at that will make you forget that you’re in the hustle and bustle of a city.

They’re easy to install, easy to manage and 100% weather proof. They will stand up to rain and hail, pets and boiling hot weather.

Unlike installing synthetic turf in a backyard, you have to compact the soil then layer it with crushed rock. When you’re installing straight on concrete you can just glue it down. Easy right?

You can get the flat and thin synthetic grass like Tough Turf and Putting Green so you can place furniture on top without changing the look of the surface. Alternatively, you can get the realistic look and feel of the longer yarn artificial turf. These feel amazing to lay on and walk around with bare feet.  You can place furniture on top of these too, but you will find dents and flat spots when they are moved. But that’s okay too! Smiling Rock Artificial Turf are designed to loosen up in the sun, with some brushing and sunlight the fibres will stand right back up over a couple of days.

Revamp up your balcony today and add some life into your home, you’d be surprised what a little bit of green can do to affect your mood and energy levels.






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