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Hybrid floor colours


The latest craze to reach the Melbourne market is our new stunning range of hi-tech floorboards: Hybrid Floors, as the name suggests a hybrid between laminate and vinyl plank flooring. The flooring is durable and waterproof and uses the latest innovation in the flooring industry at a very affordable price point.

We’ve introduced 4 beautiful colours to suit every style and décor, with prices starting at $27 per sqm.

Bristol Oak, Mocha, European Oak, Nova Grey

Hybrid flooring are designed to withstand a variety of temperatures with Trigon Core Technology minimising its level of expansion and contraction. They make a perfect choice for large open plan spaces and are not limited to lounge rooms, but even suitable for bathrooms, laundry and high traffic commercial spaces. It’s 100% waterproof core means your flooring is protected at all times in every environment.

Wait, hold up. Did you say 100% waterproof? YES!

Be unique and think outside the box, bathrooms don’t always have to use tiles. Get the organic feel and warmth of wood from your shower, just like a relaxing Japanese mountain bathhouse in the comfort of your own home.

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