Warrina Aged Care Facility

Landscaping Monthly Spotlight!

Let’s talk BIG, we’re talking 380 sqm of land that received a major updo from Diamond Vision Landscapes and our high quality supply of synthetic turf at Warrina Aged Care Facility in Gisborne. We supplied 40mm Classic Gold Turf that has a completely natural look and feel.

We’ve helped create a safe and homey space for the residents by eliminating tripping hazards. The landscaping team wheelbarrowed over 30 cubic metres of rubbish, dirt, tress and concrete through and out of the building. Particularly in environments with elders, kids or people with disabilities it is important to be very careful with landscape design and materials as they are prone to injuries. By using a soft bed of synthetic grass will offer a cushiony spring to help absorb shock and potentially minimise the severity of fall injuries. That is one less scraped knee to worry about.

Synthetic grass creates accessibility for all people and is a compliant surface under various recreational and play equipment. Regular grass can have bumpy and uneven surfaces that means someone in a wheelchair or other mobility aids may have difficulty accessing those areas. It also has Smart Drain Technology to ensure all rain water, dirty and mud drain from your mat, so residence aren’t slipping and sliding around on wet muddy surfaces. A cleaner environment is more welcoming for visitors and pets, so they don’t have to worry about being covered in mud.

We also give the aged care facility an opportunity to reinvest their money into programs and social activities by reducing their outdoor maintenance expenses. Can you imagine the time and cost it will take to manage such big land. Instead, the gardener can easily use a leaf blower or water hose and get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Not only that, artificial grass can induce a good mood and make the residence feel alive. The project was all about creating a beautiful space that encouraged positive energy, socialisation and accommodating to their needs. We all heard how colour can affect our mood and energy levels, the lush green colour of Smiling Rock Classic Gold Artificial Grass range is associated with relaxation and fertility, providing the residence comfort and safety in their home. So we made sure our aged care residence are kept in good spirits with their nice new green meadow at their feet alongside their band new veggie garden and sensory space.

Customer Warrina aged care facility
Landscaper Diamond Vision Landscapes
Materials Classic Gold Artificial Turf
Website www.warrinaagedcare.com.au

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