Overgrown Grass
Overgrown Grass
Outdoor Pool
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Granny Flat with Grass
Pool with Artificial Grass

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Outdoor Pool Project with Synthetic Grass

Landscaping Monthly Spotlight!

Landscaping outdoor pool project with synthetic grass finished just in time for the Melbourne Summer!

Our Sunshine Residence wanted a pool and bright green turf to create an outdoor tropical beach party vibe. Zammit Landscaping did exactly that!

If you’re into the vibrant green look, and have a tight budget. Classic Gold Artificial Grass is the perfect choice at $16 per m2, recently restocked in all sizes!

A huge landscape like this one, has never been so affordable.

Check out another project also using Classic Gold Turf here

Customer Sunshine West
Landscaper Zammit Landscaping & Constructions
Materials Classic Gold Artificial Turf
Website Facebook

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