Gumboots Early Learning Centre

Flooring Spotlight

Laminate Flooring Job Supplied for Gumboots Early Learning Child Care Centre. They chose Classic Oak, Smiling Rock’s most versatile shade of Timber Laminate.

Colour plays an important role in the overall aesthetic of a space and impacts children’s emotional wellbeing, productivity, learning and behaviour. The preschool opted for a neutral to light timber laminate as it will be combined with ample natural light to be inviting as well as comforting. The neutral floors contrast beautifully with the white walls and array of colourful toys and furnishes. This all comes together to create an imaginative play space that provides children the opportunity to develop social skills, practice negotiations, sharing and taking turns.

All the elements of this space is designed to help with children’s emotional development, understanding and expressing their feelings. Most importantly, it is for the kids to have fun while learning.

You will find Classic Oak Timber Laminate Flooring print and shade just the right amount of colour and texture to conceal the mess that comes with children and their dirty footprints. The floorboards are extremely sturdy and durable, suitable for heavy commercial usage. This allows for kids to be throwing things, running around and of course musical chairs.

Customer Gumboots Early Learning
Installer N/A
Materials Classic Oak Timber Laminate
Website Gumboots Early Learning

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