Backyard Mini Golf, Ocean Grove

Landscaping Monthly Spotlight!

How to get your kids outdoor this summer? The weather’s warming up so it’s the perfect time to start revamping your backyard to make it more exciting with mini golf.

Trampolines and cubby houses are outdated. Check out this awesome backyard turned mini golf. Tell the wife it’s for the kids, but we all know it’ll double up as a male retreat. You’ll be having a couple of mates over, putting ball over a beer just every other weekend.

The space is subdivided into a lounge and mini golf area using two types of Smiling Rock Fake Turf. The garden space uses 150 m2 of Putting Green 15mm our sports turf, and Summer 30mm that mimics the look of real grass for the lounge area. Putting Green is the perfect choice to construct a mini golf course because of it’s flat firm surface. It’s structured to be resistant against high impact activities like sled pushing and tyre flips, so golf swings will be a breeze. You will find it helps controls the level of bounce and protects your golf club from scratches.

You can practice your swings on real grass, but a synthetic lawn ensures perfect sporting grass length all year round with minimal fuss.

Artificial grass gives our customer’s family the freedom to golf on their own schedule and not be subjected to grass conditions. Rain won’t stop them!

Thanks to Matt our top notch landscaper for this incredible transformation and his cheeky Labrador testing the mini golf course out!

Customer Ocean Grove
Landscaper Matt MC Landscapes
Materials Putting Green 15mm | Summer 30mm
Website N/A

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