How to pick a flooring colour for your home

Laminate Flooring Colour

How to pick a flooring colour for your home?

Picking out the right flooring colour for your new home can be a tough job. There is no one size fits all tip because there are so many variables and everyone has different taste.

Does it match the sofa? What about the curtains? Should we do the whole house in the same colour?

Here are some tips to help make your colour picking easier so you can leave more time for other interior decorating tasks. Now this guide can be adaptable irregardless of what type of flooring choice you go with (laminate flooring. hardwood, vinyl planks, hybrid, tiles etc)


Light colours will make a small room look bigger and have the ability to really open up a space. If you have a large space you can choose to make it more and cosy with darker colours. Particularly warm colours like Antique Oak or Spotted Gum will do beautifully to make your space more cosy.

If your space has a lot of furniture and you’re finding it cramped for room. A neutral or light colour option will do wonders to make it feel less crowded.


The colour coordination of your furniture, to your walls and floors will all come together to create the atmosphere in the room. They will affect your mood and energy levels. For living spaces like your lounge rooms or entertaining areas, it’s good to keep it warm or neutral. You want to recreate a relaxing and peaceful setting you can unwind to after a long day at work. No single floor colour works for a single space, so its important to consider the colours of your curtains, furniture and flooring all come together to create the right atmosphere.

Bathrooms and Kitchens tend to be lighter and brighter because you want to be energized and ready to start your day. If your walls, cabinets and dining table are white, there is nothing wrong with going a neutral to dark floor to create some contrasting drama. Overall you’ll find that you still have an energetic and bright space from everything else.


Pay attention to the amount of natural light that enters your space. Compare your floor sample colour at different times of the day and under different lighting and see how the colour changes. Think about what time of day the space is commonly used and what artificial light will be reflecting off your floor colour, then judge to see if the colour variations will be suited to your room aesthetics.

Overall Styling

Consider the design elements you’ll use to furnish your space and weather it’ll match the broader space.  If you really want to highlight some designer pieces your are displaying, use natural colours to not take the attention away.

There is nothing embarrassing about bringing some of your pieces and furnishing in stores to help you with your floor colour picking. It can be a rug, a cabinet sample or hardware.

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