Stone Wall

How Stack Stone can make your business stand out

Bench Stone Cladding

How can a Stacked stone Wall Feature in your reception can build your customer base?

The reception is the first point of contact for the business, so it’s important to make an impression. It communicates what kind of business you are to customers, and your level of care and professionalism to the finer details.

Attention to the colours of your flooring, to your waiting chairs, to your blinds should all come together to build your brand and identity. It should reflect the company vision and personality.

Stack stones are a beautiful finishing touch that can really make your business go from a cliché corporate space to WOW!

It will automatically create a sense of value and luxury that will be sure to impress.

Stack stones are commonly used for outdoor house pillars and fire places, but when you bring it into a business environment it will add textural variety that will compliment any interior. They come in a variety of colours, sizes and arrangements. Stone features are a simple addition to an interior space that is super easy to maintain.

Especially if it is a waiting area, customers can spend anywhere from a few minutes to an hour waiting. They will examine the layout of your store or office, and then get immersed in an assortment of colours and textures you have displayed. It’s important you give the right impression with the flow of your design, and create a space they are comfortable and entertained in. Entertainment is not just a Tv, it’s the pleasing visuals you have used in your area. When stack stones are placed around the reception desk, you have created a natural artwork of stones.

You can offer an identical service for a fraction cheaper than your competitor, but you will find that some customers will still go to the competitor. Why is that?


Having a beautiful and well curated office entrance doesn’t always mean the business is better, but it definitely helps establish a place of trust and reliability between a business and it’s customers. When a business has invested the time and money to create a space that not only feels inviting but also comfortable. It communicates to consumers you care! A sparkling and well designed hair salon statistically attracts more walk in customers, then an unplanned salon.






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