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Attract great renters by changing up your landscape

40mm Classic Gold artificial grass

Can we please take a moment to appreciate this stunning front yard renovation at a Rental Property in Melton.

The team here at Smiling Rock has teamed up with Diamond Vision Landscapes to show you how artificial grass and some pavers can change the game when it comes to attracting great tenants. Here we installed Smiling Rock’s 40mm Classic Gold artificial grass alongside our beautiful Blue Stone Pavers that are only $20 each. Can you believe it?

Finding tenants who will look after your home isn’t easy, and there comes the confusion about who’s meant to maintain the garden? Eliminate the unexpected costs, the confusion with a few simple landscaping tricks.

Tenants want to able to see themselves living in the property, and when your home looks like a child invasion of graffiti, sprouting weeds and uncontrolled grass it is a turn off. And if you do find tenants that are okay with that, then are they really the tenants you want? You’d just wonder how they treat your beautiful kitchen that you just spent big money upgrading. So keeping the front yard tidy and welcoming is key! It is the first thing they see in photos and it is the first thing they see when they inspect your home, so make it WOW! With artificial turf you’ll instantly modernise your home and never have to stress about your grass looking unkempt. It will never overgrow and is far more resistant to weeds. Natural turf are a breeding ground for weeds, and tenants don’t want weed infested homes.

Maintenance can be one of the biggest deal breakers weather you’re a landlord or tenant, you can have a botanical garden in your front yard with a beautiful fountain and flourishing garden beds, but who’s responsibility is it to look after it? The gardener or the tenant? Eliminate the confusion and make it fuss free from the start with Smiling Rock artificial grass that is guaranteed for 8 years. So that’s another 8 years and potentially more without anyone having to mow the lawn, YES PLEASE. Tenants are already busy trying to meet their monthly rent, and you’re busy with your personal life, so don’t let your side hustle eat at your time and money anymore than it already has.

It is very easy to make your home look state-of-the-art all year round without the big dollars and stress with our ridiculously low prices at Smiling Rock and an expert landscaping team. You just need to add a couple bag of pebbles stacked with Smiling Rock blue stone pavers, and you’ll find yourself prancing to the front door of your home. Subtle changes to the landscaping can instantly increase the value of your home by making it more aesthetically pleasing. You’re telling your tenants you care and you want someone who shares the same appreciation and attention to detail.

Make your rental property stunning with a few simple changes to your landscaping, and you will find great tenants that will actually want to stay and will likely improve your return on investment.

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